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Insta-Storie 2.0 Is LIVE Leveraging IGTV, FB & Instagram Stories + Snapchat

“No-Limits” Commercial License Included – Sell UNLIMITED Number Of Videos
  •  Custom-Built For Instagram Stories And Instagram’s New IGTV App.
  •  The ONLY Software Optimized For Mobile Video Ads (For IGTV) And Content.
  •  Reclaim “Lost-Customers” With Stories On Your Facebook Business Pages
  • Curate Your Own Content By Re-Sharing Old Stories As Posts
  •  Increase Visibility, Drive More Traffic & Generate More Profits Fast
  •  Improved Automated Software Creates UNLIMITED, High Converting Video Ads Faster Than Ever Before For Instagram Facebook And Snapchat  
  •  Fully Automated Video Ad Creation With Stunning Messages To Captivate Any Audience
  •  Turn Your Images And Videos To Hollywood-Style Video Ads
  •  Unlimited Renders, Unlimited Usage Rights On Clients Videos With Commercial License At No Extra Cost
  •  Commercial License Included (Without Upgrading). Sell These Videos At A Premium Price And Make A Massive ROI
No Prior Video Experience or Tech Skills Required | 60 Brand New Templates |
100% FB and Instagram Approved | Instagram’s Latest IGTV Videos Specs Compliant
Price Goes Up In...
Birthday Special: Get a 90% Discount,
30 EXTRA Templates AND Commercial License Included
Within Minutes From Now You Would Be Creating And Selling Video Ads Like These For BIG Money

Video Ads Created Using Insta Stories 2.0
Local Businesses Are More Than Happy To Pay Out This Kind Of Money
See, That’s the kind of BIG money and a MASSIVE opportunity I am talking about here…

And these price tags should not surprise you. Local businesses realize what a good marketing campaign on Instagram and Facebook can do for their business.
How BIG Brands Like Gymshark and Calvin Klein Use Stories As A Part Of Their Marketing Strategy To Achieve ASTONISHING Results Like These…
Gymshark - A fast-growing fitness apparel and accessories company made 2400 direct sales and saw a 9x increase in return on ad spend
Return on ad spend 
Lower cost per acquisition compared to other placements
Purchases came directly from ads in Stories
Calvin Klein - Founded in 1904, COTY is a world-leading beauty company that makes fragrances, cosmetics, skincare, hair color and more. Its iconic portfolio of brands and products is sold in over 130 countries and generates approximately $9 billion in revenue.
Lift in ad recall
Lift in preference
Lift in action intent
SheinAn online retailer of women’s clothing, SHEIN has rapidly expanded to serve customers around the globe. The ecommerce platform specializes in fashion that is economical and attractive to young women who strive to be à la mode at all times. 
Increase in return on ad spend
Increase in purchases
Lower average cost per purchase
Greenpeace Brazil - An independent global organization that works to protect the environment and promote peace got 2,633 New Signatures at 5.7x lower cost
Lower cost per signature than the established campaign goal
Signatures during the 10-day campaign
Of leads were converted into signatures on the petition
Tiket.com - Indonesia's leading online travel agency saw a 10% increase in app installs reaching over 239,000 app installs
App installs
Lift in app installs
26 Million 
Indonesians reached
Birchbox - An online beauty products store saw a 4x increase in click-through rates and now has over one million subscribers and 80 partner brands
lower CPM (cost per mille) compared to other platforms
Increase in click-through rate compared to other ad formats
OpenTable - An online and app-based restaurant reservation service reached more than 1.5 million people at an impressive 33% lower cost per reservation
Lower cost per reservation (versus other ad formats)
Cheaper cost per click (versus other ad formats)
1.5 Million
People reached
Overstock - is a tech-driven online retailer located near Salt Lake City, Utah. Since its launch in 1999, Overstock has evolved from a startup to a billion-dollar online retailer. The company helps lifestyle shoppers discover designer brands and home goods—from furniture to décor, area rugs, tile and wallpaper—all for less.
Increase in return on ad spend
Decrease in cost per acquisition
Decrease in cost per click
Market Leaders Are Excited To Be The First-Ones To Exploit Instagram’s Newly Launched IGTV (And Now You Too Can Join Them…)
Keta Ortiz
Truly amazing and powerful piece of software. Mario has covered all bases with this program. Truly puts you in a position to make money online and drive traffic quickly!! This is definitely a must have tool in your internet marketing arsenal! Bravo Mario!!
Daniela Robinson
“Storie is a very easy to use software. Incredible selection of templates and it comes with music too. I don’t have to worry about the copyright and paying extra fees for music. It only took me 6 mins to create my first video ad without going through the training videos. It is THAT easy! The video can then upload directly to Instagram! This saves me SO MUCH Time.”
Jason Stepp
Truly amazing and powerful piece of software. Mario has covered all bases with this program. Truly puts you in a position to make money online and drive traffic quickly!! This is definitely a must have tool in your internet marketing arsenal! Bravo Mario!!
Oh and…Just In Case You’re New To This Market And Wondering Who I Am
Mark Marcelletti
Mike Wall
Barbara Ling
Costas Peppas
James Malinchak
Brian Anderson
Our Journey So Far To Tap Traffic From The 2 Top Marketing 
Platforms In The History Of Mankind – INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK
We began 2018 with a BANG!!

In the first week of 2018 itself, we launched InstaStories 1.0

As an entrepreneur who has a passion to help businesses grow by creating solutions that tap in the ever-changing trends of Social Media…

…I could not hold myself back when my research team brought me these figures…
So, we got down to work and created InstaStories 1.0…

It was the first tool in the market that created unique, exclusively eye-catching Stories for your advertising campaigns or for feeding extraordinary story content for your Instagram brand.

It also allowed you to upload the custom generated stories from the cloud-based app directly to Instagram.

Our InstaStories 1.0 customers can now simply pick a fully-customizable template…add their own images, videos, text, brand messaging, sound – or use the ones already provided…

…send their videos live and simply sit back and watch the number of clicks, likes and shares skyrocket instantly.

InstaStorie’s super-fast system gave them the ability to preview their videos in real time, without any delays.

And with NO LIMITS on the number of videos they could make and UNLIMITED renders…InstaStories customers had nothing to stop them from tapping in the massive traffic and seeing exponential growth in sales and revenue.
But my team is full of self-starters…

They kept improving the software…adding more templates, improving the User Interface and making the editor work faster.

To help our customers make even more money – we decided that we should allow them to sell these videos. We know that there’s a HUGE market for such videos and our customers could make a lot of money if they were given a license to sell these videos…

So, we created more templates (2x the previous offer) and added the Commercial License to the software, improved its speed and made it look even more sleeker…

And just when we were planning to roll-out the 2nd version of InstaStories…Instagram Founder Kevin Systrom announced the launch of IGTV. This was on 20th June 2018.
IGTV is like traditional TV on your mobile
Except you don’t have to be a celebrity to have a channel.

Everybody can create their own channels and upload the content they want their viewers to see.

... And just like you can with Instagram Stories, you can also share IGTV videos through Instagram Direct.
By 2021, mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic, and Instagram is betting big on mobile video with the launch of IGTV.
And my team was thrilled. On 21st June 2018 they got down to work to integrate the new IGTV feature in InstaStories. They wanted to make sure that we were the first in the market to help our customers leverage on this INCREDIBLE opportunity.

But it wasn’t that easy…

Kevin Systrom also announced that IGTV is based on: "It is mobile first. It's simple and it's quality. That's IGTV,".

Mobile first meant that videos will be shot in vertical format, not the more conventional landscape orientation.

That meant that our team had to re-do all the templates so that we could integrate these changes…

We worked round-the-clock to integrate this new feature and finish it in record-time.
On behalf of my super dedicated and extremely hardworking team…I am proud to introduce
InstaStories 2.0
60 Brand New Templates | Commercial License | IGTV Templates Included
Take A Look At Some Of The New Templates Included…
Now Let Me Show You The Difference In The Video Quality Of  A “Normal” Video Template Vs InstaStorie’s Professional Template 
While one of these could be any old video, from any run-of-the-mill user, for any other brand...
Video immediately stands out with its arresting design, custom-designed format, seamless sequencing and eye-catching graphics.
In Minutes From Now You Can Be Creating Such Stunning Videos By Following
Just 3 STEPS
Select Template
Simply choose your template from our range of 60+ brand new professionally-designed, mobile-optimized templates.

With multiple genres from food, to fitness to real estate covered, you’re sure to find a template that is ideal for your business.
Customize Your Bespoke Video
Add or remove any elements with just a click of a button. Each template comes pre-loaded with attention-grabbing music to create lasting brand impact. However, you can replace it with your own soundtrack in seconds.

Add your own text, images, branding and/or sound to transform your chosen template into your own stunning video.
Send it Live!
Upload directly to Instagram in seconds for instant results, or chose to download to your computer for later use.

Either way, you now have your own unique video content with the potential to reach millions in minutes.
So what Powers This Incredible Software? - 
Let’s Take A Look At Some Of Its Features
Cloud Based – Create Videos From Anywhere In The World. Stay Tuned Even While Being On Vacation
Brand New 60 DFY Fully Customizable Animated Video Templates (As Per IGTV Specs.)
Download Each Video Ad Directly To Your Computer & Upload To Instagram
Customize Every Template - Add Your Image, Add Your Text, Add Your Call To Action
Optimized For Mobile Video Ads And IGTV
Each Video Looks STUNNING On Mobile Devices & Is Optimized For Clicks
Real Time Preview - Preview Every Template In Real Time. Lightning Fast Technology
Upload YOUR Images & YOUR Videos Into Our Software - Works For Any Niche
Unlimited Renders & Video Creation, No Limits!
Step By Step Training Included (no design or copy skills needed)
Increase Conversions – Skyrocket Conversions With Videos Optimized For Sales & Lead Conversions
Reach 800 Million Active Instagram Users PLUS 1 Billion Active Mobile Facebook Users
UNBELIEVABLE…Right? Watch This Super-Short Walkthrough Video To See A Stunning Video Being Created Right In Front Of Your Eyes…
Here’s What Existing InstaStories Customer Say About It… 
Rhonda Howse
Internet Marketer
I’ve never done a video ad before and I have to admit that I was intimidated at first. Storie is so fast and easy that I had my first video ad done in just 17 minutes total. And this was the first time using the software. I highly recommend Storie for anybody and everybody who wants to make video ads. You won’t be disappointed.
Lonnie Robinson
As someone who creates videos all the time, I know the tremendously powerful impact they have. The reason why more business owners aren’t using video is because it can be complicated to do it themselves and very expensive to hire someone to do it for them. Those days are now over, because Mario and the Storie team have come to the rescue! I’ve put Storie to the test and it is one of the easiest video creation tools I’ve ever used. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step training and in minutes, you’ll be creating professional videos and video ads in minutes!
Vanessa Choi
Storie is a very easy to use software. Clear instructions on how to connect your social media accounts. Great selection of templates and it comes with music too. I don’t have to worry about the copyright and paying extra fees for music. It only took me 10 mins to create my first video ad without going through the training videos. It is THAT easy! Thanks to Storie, it saves me so much time! No matter which niche you are in, Storie is going to help you.
Recently Instagram introduced the Way to Keep Your Stories Around for More Than 24 Hours.

The options of re-sharing your Stories as posts in the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network’s feed, adding them to highlights or turning the feature off altogether.

It’s a fantastic way to put out more content, offer value and leverage your existing base without having to start from scratch.

This makes InstaStories 2.0 an INDISPENSABLE tool in your arsenal.

And we have made it more PROFITABLE than ever before by adding the COMMERCIAL LICENSE to the offer.
InstaStories 2.0 - Agency License
LIMITED number of licenses only
Just for the first 100 new customers, we are offering the Agency License at no extra cost.

With the Agency License you can now start selling the stunning videos that you will create using InstaStories 2.0 for whatever price you want and keep all the profits.

And in case you’re wondering what kind of money you could charge for such videos…let me help you a little there too…

Take a look at this…
Now you see the kind of massive opportunity in front of you here?

You would be creating better videos than anyone out there and you would be doing it in just a few minutes. With UNLIMITED videos and UNLIMITED renders…there is absolutely NO LIMIT to the profits that you can make.

Grab the License and get started right away…
...but before you do that, I have a SPECIAL gift for you
Exclusive Fast Action Bonus: Lead Generation Agency
We are passionate and highly committed to the idea of helping you make tons of money with InstaStories 2.0.

That is the main reason why we decided to give you Agency Rights as a part of the Front End offer itself…so that you can be one of the first ones to be able to sell Video ads specifically for the newly launched IGTV videos by Instagram. 
By including this feature, Instagram has opened a whole new segment of the market and that is you window of opportunity.


We are not just going to sell you the software and then expect you to be on your own when it comes to finding clients for selling these video ads to.

We are including a very special Lead Generation Course to teach you how to quickly get a lot of clients and set up a fantastic agency. We are literally going to hold you by the hand and show you exactly the way to tons of leads and sales.

This course as a stand-alone product is priced at $497.

However, you can get access to it today at no extra cost.

But you need to hurry up as this exclusive offer is available ONLY for the first 100 customers.
Price Goes Up In...
Birthday Special: Get a 90% Discount,
30 EXTRA Templates AND Commercial License Included
Top 5 Reasons How InstaStories 2.0 Can Help Your Business…Apart From Making You HUGE Profits In Selling These Videos As A Service

Create Custom Videos From Anywhere

InstaStories 2.0 is cloud-based, so there’s no need to download finicky apps or software to your laptop or desktop. Simply log in and create new videos in minutes – whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the move.

Don't Wait Around

Each template is completely customizable. Add your own images, text, brand messaging, sound – or use the ones provided. Your videos can be as unique as you decide.

Increase Conversions

Our templates are optimized for mobile and custom-designed for seamless integration into Instagram, the fastest-growing social channel. Send your videos live and simply sit back and watch the instant results.

Bespoke Ads in Minutes

InstaStorie’s super-fast system gives you the ability to preview your videos in real time, without any delays. Plus, you can upload your video content directly to Instagram from the InstaStorie 2.0 platform – no need to save, download and upload.

Unleash Your Imagination

Create as many videos, and as many versions as you like. Not sure if you want your branding top or bottom? No problem – try both! With InstaStorie 2.0 there are no limits on the number of videos you can make. We offer unlimited renders so that the only limit, is your imagination!
InstaStories 2.0 Is Perfect For…
Digital Product Creators
Now create sales & animated videos of your products without hiring an expensive video company or an over-priced freelancer ever again. Make your Sales Page more engaging and most importantly as confirmed by TechCrunch & Hubspot, get more sales & profits.
Affiliates, Bloggers & Social/Content Marketers
Run powerful Video Ads to your Affiliate Offers with captivating Call-To-Action. Run Facebook Ads, or Post on Social Media and get the Shares and Viral Free Traffic, that your business deserves. Turn your Blogs into lead magnets by inserting a professionally designed video in it.
Local Marketers & Small Business Owners/Brick -n- Mortar
Use our Commercial License to Promote Your Client’s Business and help them generate massive amounts of leads, traffic and customers. Local Gym Owners, Restaurants, Spa Centres would be happy to pay you whatever price you ask for providing them with engaging Videos (that you took only minutes to create).
e-Com Store Owners
InstaStories 2.0 presents you with an opportunity to dump the expensive (mostly with a recurring price tag) and over-complicated tools and start creating awesome videos in a matter of minutes. The Commercial License allows you to sell UNLIMITED number of videos. It doesn’t get bigger than this…
Anyone Who Wants To Sell Videos For A Living
InstaStories 2.0 presents you with an opportunity to dump the expensive (mostly with a recurring price tag) and over-complicated tools and start creating awesome videos in a matter of minutes. The Commercial License allows you to sell UNLIMITED number of videos. It doesn’t get bigger than this…
Industry Leaders Can’t Stop Talking About InstaStories 2.0
Erhard Kotze
This is one heck of a good software. It automates everything from building a video ad. You can’t go wrong with this Software, it’s an all in one platform to make money. The Software actually forces you to make money. I give it a 10 out of 10 – What more do you want?
Kimberly Thibodeaux
Everything is integrated within this product. You also have connections to your other social media accounts, including being able to make an Instragram ad! How cool is that?
Mario is well known for making exceptional products, and this is certainly one of those!
Robert Weglewski
WOW what can I say I got to review Storie and in 10 minutes I had a video ad created! It’s easy with all the correct features to make video ads fast. I can’t tell you how many programs I have purchased that I can’t even use because of the learning curve. This program will allow anyone to make great video ads and get them showing to potential clients in minutes. It’s a no brainer to purchase this one.
Price Goes Up In...
Birthday Special: Get a 90% Discount,
30 EXTRA Templates AND Commercial License Included
You Have Our Word
InstaStories 2.0 has been created to give you an unfair advantage of being the first in your market to leverage upon Instagram’s newest IGTV tech.

Not only you can now create IGTV videos and create a massive buzz about your business and rake in huge profits…you can capture an entire market out there that just opened up. Use the Commercial License and create as many videos as you want and sell them at whatever price you want.

Do this for the next 14 days and if you find that we fell short on any claim that we have made about the potential of InstaStories 2.0, just drop us a message on Support Desk asking for a refund.

I promise you it will be processed instantly without any questions.
Come And Join Our Rapidly Growing Tribe Of InstaStories Customers 
In Case You Have These Questions For Us…
How many videos can I sell?
UNLIMITED. We don’t want to sell you a software like InstaStories 2.0 and then tie-up your hands by placing limits on how much money you can make by selling videos created using InstaStories 2.0 (I mean…isn’t that the main reason you’ll be buying this?)
For How much can I sell the videos I am going to be creating with InstaStories 2.0?
It’s totally your call. But just to give you a fair idea, each video can be sold for anywhere between $150 to $800 a pop. Remember, with InstaStories 2.0 you have the first-movers’ advantage. There’s will be hardly anyone offering Instagram’s latest IGTV videos as a service…considering ti was launched hardly a month ago.  
What makes InstaStories 2.0 different than its predecessor?
In InstaStories 2.0 you get 60 brand new templates. These templates are specifically designed keeping in mind the new IGTV tech introduced recently by Instagram. Apart from that, the UI has been improved and the video creation processor has been upgraded for better speed and precision.
How long will the setup take?
No time. There’s absolutely nothing to download or install. Just login and start creating videos.
What kind of business is this suitable for?
Whether you’re in the internet business, or have a bricks and mortar store, InstaStoriess 2.0 will prove to be an indispensable tool in your marketing arsenal. Whether you have a product, or offer a service, InstaStories 2.0 helps your brand get noticed by new users, and reinforces your brand to existing customers.
What’s unique about InstaStories 2.0?
There are 2 things that make it stand out. Firstly, it’s the first full-blown Video Creation AND Video Marketing Platform and it’s THE ONLY platform on the market that is 100% integrated with Instagram. Secondly, it’s the ONLY tool in the market that allows you to create IGTV videos and sell them at a premium price too.
Price Goes Up In...
Birthday Special: Get a 90% Discount,
30 EXTRA Templates AND Commercial License Included
You have a choice to make right now.

Keep doing what you’ve been doing getting the same old results OR Take Action Right Now and get immediate access to a system that is proven to work and that has been created from REAL results and testing.

The timer is ticking and now it’s time to get off the fence, it’s time to take your business and life to the next level.

You heard my story, you saw my video – if I can do it, you can do it too.

I’m here to help you along the way, I’ll take you by the hand and I’ll hold you accountable during the live calls but it’s up to YOU right now to take that first step and to get started Today.
Let’s Do This!
Mario Brown
Oliver Goodwin
P.S. This special offer is available for 4 days and if you see the countdown timer ticking it means you are in luck and you can still get in at the low launch special price. Once the timer hits zero ALL Bonuses Go Away and the Prize DOUBLES immediately. Sign up now.

P.P.S. You know you want to be successful and with this complete Traffic system you’ll have everything to jump-start your business for long-term success. Don’t miss out and jump in before the price goes up.

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